The Baltic University Programme

BUP Resources

Here you will find the BUP internet resources collected in one place. The materials include:
  • Events - Programs, presentations and more from courses, conferenses and other events organised by the Baltic University Programme.

  • PR-materials - BUP Brochures, logo and maps on the BUP.

  • Course Materials - The BUP course material, textbooks, booklets, etc. is organised in a number of suggested courses. All published material is free to download.

  • Newsletter - All published BUP Newsletters.

  • BUP weekly - All issues of the BUP weekly.

  • Research Notes Letter - The aim with the Research Notes Letter is to spread research findings and knowledge on researchers and research groups in the Baltic Sea region.
See also the BUP web site for the BUP Coordinating Secretariat.

BUP Member Universities

donation thermometer
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
Help us rise the temperature in the network and reach our goal of at least 100 member universities. See further information on: How to become a BUP member university and a list of the BUP Member Universities.