How to Study
Sustainable Development

You are welcome to the Baltic University basic course on Sustainable Development. The course consists of 12 thematic packages, each one subdivided in several parts. Each part has an introductory text followed by links to material for further studies. This material includes book chapters, films, power points etc. The material is divided under three headings: basic, medium and advanced. Your teacher decides what of this wealth of information is included in your particular course. We expect, however, each course to include all introductory texts and all, or almost all, basic material.

You may start to read the material wherever you want. There is no specific beginning and end. For practical reasons the different parts still have numbers. The packages are thus 1 to 12, but you do not need to start with 1 and end with 12. There are numerous internal references to other parts. Following these references is one way to study the material. Those who prefer reading a printed text have to make a printout themselves. There is no physical book containing the material in the course.

The course is very interdisciplinary and discusses areas from humanities and social sciences to natural sciences and technology. Thus no single student will have a background in all fields covered. You may start with a topic in which you have some background and continue to other themes. But remember that sustainable development concerns a system and one needs to have some familiarity with each part of the large system consisting of Society and its inhabitants as well as Nature with all its resource and inhabitants.

Good luck and enjoy!


Sustainable Development Course


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