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Environmental Science
Environmental Science
Understanding, protecting and managing the environment in the Baltic Sea Region
Editors: Lars Rydén, Pawel Migula and Magnus Andersson
Publication date: 2003
Pages: 824 pages. Ill.
This book has been written to provide students in the Baltic Sea region with material to study environmental science as it has developed and been applied in their own countries. The environmental problems we face here, and need to solve here, are specifically addressed in the book. The extraordinary resources we have in this region, which we should protect, are also described.
The Baltic Sea region hosts a population of close to 100 million people. It constitutes 15% of all Europe. The environmental issues are important and the concern for the environment is mounting both in the east and the west. Environmentally concerned individuals often go first. However, today environmental issues become increasingly important in legislation, economics and in business activities of all kinds. A competence in environmental science will therefore be needed in many professions.
About half of the book treats the environment itself and the other half how society deals with it. The first part of the book introduces the basics of environmental science. The second part deals with the environmental impact on the environment. The third part of the book deasl with how the society reacts to this impact. The final part of the book deals with the development of good management practices.


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Part A: Understanding the Environment

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Part B: Environmental Impacts

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Part C: Society and Environment

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Part D: Managing the Environment