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Area Studies

Introduction to the Area Studies

The Area Studies courses are undergraduate courses that treat the Baltic Sea region and its societies under eight headings: history, culture, languages, democracy, multiculturality, social conditions, economics, and security. The courses deal mostly with the conditions in the region after the systems change in 1989-91. Regional development is in focus with emphasis on democracy, human rights and economics.

The full course, The Baltic Sea Region (15 ECTS), consists of two parts: Peoples of the Baltic (7.5 ECTS) and Regional Development and the Baltic Sea Region (7.5 ECTS). The individual parts can be studied as separate courses. All three courses use the same textbook: The Baltic Sea Region – Cultures, Politics, Societies.


Aim of the Courses

The aim of the courses is to get to know the Baltic Sea region, its countries, peoples, and history, and give the students a tool for dealing with problems of peaceful coexistence and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region, as well as a general understanding of the problems of regional development.



The Baltic Sea RegionThe Baltic Sea Region
Cultures, Politics, Societies

This book comprises of some 60 essays and articles by 55 authors from numerous academic institutions around the Baltic Sea region. It covers a wide range of subjects, from politics and an analysis of social conditions to essays on history, art, culture and articles on geography and environment of the region.

The book is ideal for anyone who wants to acquire an in-depth understanding of the key issues facing the region today. It is the long, hard look at culture and history of the Baltic Sea region in this book that shows that it is a region with an intensive mesh of historical and cultural exchange.

Editor: W. Maciejewski
ISBN: 91-973579-8-7
Pages: 676
Language: English

Download pdf the book.



Recommended Student Background

The courses are directed to students with an interest in the Baltic Sea region and in understanding and analysing problems related to peaceful coexistence and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region.

The Area Studies courses may fit both in the first and later part of the university studies. English is a prerequisite for students participating in common seminars.


ECTS Documents

Download the ECTS documents for these courses as pdf pdf-files.

Peoples of the Baltic, AS1

Regional Development and the Baltic Sea Region, AS2


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