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Assessing the Status of Sustainable Development

Assessing the status od sustainable development in the Baltic Sea regionAssessing the status of sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region: a macro-regional perspective pdf

A report to the CBSS – Baltic 21 by the Baltic University Programme
December 2015

Sam Grönholm, Lars Rydén, and Olga Zuin the Baltic University Programme
Carmen Elrick-Barr and Neil Powell, Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development

Baltic University Programme and Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University, Council of Baltic Sea States, Expert Group on Sustainable Development 2015

The main concern for study has been to provide a background and a resource for developing governance for sustainable development in the region. Thus the task has been dual. First to outline the conditions in the region, secondly to relate this to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We have in addition expressed our conclusions and added recommendations for future work.

We do hope that we will in the future see an enlarged multi-stakeholder partnership and cooperation in the Baltic Sea region for increased capacity-building and better monitoring in order to support the implementation of the SDGs and secure the sustainable future for our region.



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