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Environmental Science

Environmental Science Environmental Science
Understanding, protecting and managing the environment in the Baltic Sea Region

Authors: Lars Rydén, Pawel Migula and Magnus Andersson
© The Baltic University Programme, Uppsala University, 2003
ISBN 91-970017-0-8
824 pages. Ill.


Part A
Understanding the Environment
Chapter 1. Discovering the Environmental Dilemma
Chapter 2. How the Environment Works - Turnover of Matter and Energy
Chapter 3. Ecology and Ecosystems
Chapter 4. The Baltic Sea Basin - Nature, History, and Economy
Chapter 5. The Baltic Sea
Chapter 6. Life in the Baltic Sea

Part B
Environmental Impacts
Chapter 7. Society and Landscape - Space Intrusion and Habitat Destruction
Chapter 8. Changing the Living World - Shrinking Biodiversity
Chapter 9. A New Regime for Nutrient Turnover - Eutrophication
Chapter 10. Impacts on the Global Atmosphere - Climate Change and Ozone Depletion
Chapter 11. Air Pollution - Acid Rain and Radioactive Fallout
Chapter 12. Metal Flows and Environmental Impact
Chapter 13. Industrial Society and Chemical Pollution
Chapter 14. How Pollutants Affect Life - Toxicology and Human Health
Chapter 15. The Damaged Environment - Distribution, Interaction, and Longevity of Environmental Impact

Part C
Society and Environment
Chapter 16. Environmental Engineering and the Technology of Clean Air
Chapter 17. Resource Management and the Technology of Clean Water
Chapter 18. Soil Protection and Solid Waste Management
Chapter 19. The Cost of Pollution - Environmental Economics
Chapter 20. Legal Protection of the Environment
Chapter 21. Behaviour and the Environment - Ethics, Education, and Lifestyle
Chapter 22. Making and Implementing Environmental Policy
Chapter 23. International Co-operation for the Environment

Part D
Managing the Environment
Chapter 24. Environmental Management
Chapter 25. The Prospect of Sustainable Development
Chapter 25. The Prospect of Sustainable Development (in Russian)



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