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Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture

Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture - EHSA - is an educational course package for the Baltic University Programme produced in cooperation with Envirovet Baltic.

The series of three textbooks include:

EHSA book 1: Sustainable AgricultureSustainable Agriculture is the first volume in the series of three books on Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture. About 80 scientists and experts from the Baltic Sea and Great Lakes region have contributed.
Editor: Christine Jakobsson
ISBN 978-91-86189-10-5.
© Baltic University Press, 2012.
Ill. 505 pages

Ecology and Animal HealthEcology and Animal Health is the second book in the series. It has been edited by Leif Norrgren and Jeffrey Levengood. 52 scientists have contributed to the book.
ISBN 978-91-86189-12-9
© Baltic University Press, 2012.
Ill. 380 pages

EHSA Book 3: Rural Development and Land UseRural Development and Land Use is the third and last volume in the series. It has been editied by Ingrid Karlsson and Lars Rydén.
Editors: Lars Rydén and Ingrid Karlsson
ISBN 978-91-86189-11-2
© Baltic University Programme, 2012
Ill. 325 pages.

All the three textbooks are available in print from the BUP Webshop but also free to download from the BUP Online Publications.



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