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English for Environmental Science

Though English is today the lingua franca for international cooperation it is sometimes difficult for the environmentalist of the Baltic Region to study the Baltic University courses presented in English and to communicate with their colleagues from other countries on ecological problems facing the world. This course will develop the language skills for all environmentalist interested in the Baltic Sea region, ecology and neighboring fields. The course contains both highly technical material and texts introducing the reader into the field of environmental issues. The course is based on texts selected by Prof. Lars Rydén from the  BUP Environmental Science course.


Literature and course materials

English for Environmental ScienceThe textbook English for Environmental Science by E. Korshuk, I. Kryba, E. Savich, P. Solovyov, and A.Tamarina has been written to provide students in the Baltic region with an opportunity to improve their professional command of the English language.

The authors hope that the book will be a resource for both environmentalists interested in developing their language skills and for all specialists interested in ecology, as it comprises both highly technical material and texts introducing the reader into the field of environmental issues.

As a complement to the book a film on DVD containing examples and exercises on how to communicate environmental issues in the English language is available.


The accompanying film:
English for Environmental Science

View the individual parts of the film on YouTube:
Unit 1 - The First Initiatives
Unit 2 - The Damaged Environment
Unit 3 - Environmental Ethics
Unit 4 - Environmental Law
Unit 5 - Acidification
Unit 6 - Flows of Energy and Matter
Unit 7 - Life Forms and Material Flows
Unit 8 - The Baltic Sea Basin
Unit 9 - Domestication
Unit 11 - Eutrophication

You may also download the whole film in a mp4-version (288 MB).

For teachers a Teacher's Guide: English for Environmental Science pdf is available.


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